Welding Cable

Welding Cable
ev 2 0 welding cable

This cable comes with an inner safety liner of an opposite color, not a cheap paper wrap.  Meets or exceeds all welding cable specifications and amperage. It's casing is resistent to acid, gas, oil, sunlight (ozone), flame, water, and abrasions, yet it's extremely flexible. Ideal for all lithium conversions.
1 AWG Welding Cable
2/0 AWG Welding Cable

Ultra-Flex Welding Cable
ultra flex 2/0 welding cable

The next generation of welding cable, Ultra-Flex provides more flexibility than the standard welding cable.  It's jacket is: Oil, Flame, Abrasive, Water, Tear, Grease and Cut Resistant and it's 'noodle-like' flexibility allows for tight bending without putting significant stain on the battery post.  Ideal for lead acid or lithium conversions.
2 AWG Ultra-Flex
2/0 AWG Ultra-Flex


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